Free Wall Shelf Plans

A wall shelf is a perfect addition to your house - whether it is for collectibles. knickknacks or just storage. Build yours with one of the free plans below.

Wall Cupboard

Wall Cupboard

Kitchen Shelf
This is a simple shelf that will have a lot of purpose. It can be useful in any room.

Crown Molding Shelf
This shelf can be made from left over crown molding. It will look nice in any room.
Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves

Wall Shelf
Build a simple mission-style wall shelf.

Plate Rack
Build a mission-style plate rack for your dining room.

Plate Rack Plans
This plate rack is designed for use in a room furnished in mission style.

Built-in Shelves
Have an unused recess in your room? Use these instructions to turn it into built-in shelving.

Window Shelf
Build one of these variations of window shelves that are meant to fit above a window.

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