Closet Organizer Plans

Building closet organizers is less expensive than purchasing them. Stop piling stuff on top of more stuff and organize your things with a closet organizer.

Building closet organizers is a must for those who want to maximize the space in their current closet.  And if you have a few woodworking tools and some basic knowledge, with planning, they aren't difficult to build at all.  Use one of the free plans below to get started.

Closet Shelving Unit
A simple shelving system great for the closet. It will help organize all those odd and ends. Easy to build!

Closet Shelving
Need to organize your closet? Here are great instructions on building shelves for your closet.

Shoe Rack
Add a shoe cabinet to your closet organizer plans. The dimensions can be altered to fit just about any space.

Design a Closet
Before you start building closet organizers, be sure you plan it. Here are general measurements for all parts of a clothing closet.

Child's Closet Organizer
Use these instructions to build a modular closet organizer for a kid's closet.

Build a Custom Closet
Building organized closets is easy with this modular system featuring adjustable shelves. Build for less money than it costs to buy one.

Cubbie Closet Storage
As part of your closet system, build cubbies! Great for storing shoes and customize them to the size you want.

Closet Shoe Organizer
Every good closet needs a shoe organizer. Easy access to your shoes at a comfortable height - put them wherever you want on the walls.

Open Wardrobe
This is a neat idea if you don't have a closet in a bedroom. Pretty simple to build and results in lots of organization.

TIP: Organizing a closet isn't just about using rods and shelves to help get your stuff in order. It's also about decluttering. Remove any clothes that you haven't worn in one or two years. Sell, donate or store the clothes elsewhere.

Shop for Closet Accessories:

Pant/Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks, CWPR Series
Pant/Belt/Scarf Racks
Closet Ironing Boards, CIB Series
Closet Ironing Boards
Closet Hampers, CTOHB Series
Closet Hampers
Armoires, Armoire Series
Hafele Synergy Slide-Out Belt-Racks
Slide-Out Belt-Racks
Pull Down Closet Rods, CPDR Series
Pull Down Closet Rods
Center Supports for Hafele Round Wardrobe Rail
Center Supports for Round Wardrobe Rail
Hafele Round Aluminum Wardrobe Rail with Supports
Round Aluminum Wardrobe Rail
Hafele Pull - Down Wardrobe Rails
Pull Down Wardrobe Rails
Hafele Synergy Slide-Out Scarf Racks
Slide-Out Scarf Racks
Hafele Synergy Slide-Out Closet Valets
Slide-Out Closet Valets
Hafele Synergy Slide-Out Tie-Racks
Slide-Out Tie-Racks
Coat and Hat Hook, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Coat and Hat Hook
Pilltop Hook, Satin Nickel
Pilltop Hook
Garment Clip for Hafele Pull-Out Pants Rack
Garment Clip for Pull-Out Pants Rack
Hafele Shoe Fences
Shoe Fences
Hafele Pull-Out Pants Racks, Full-Extension
Pull-Out Pants Racks
Hafele Shoe Rails
Shoe Rails
Single Robe Hook, Flat Black
Single Robe Hook
Ball End Hook, Satin Nickel
Ball End Hook
18-Pack of Wire Pants Hangers for Hafele Pull-Out Pants Rack
Wire Pants Hangers for Pull-Out Pants Rack
Designer Closet Hardware
Designer Closet Hardware
Valet Rods, Designer Series
Valet Rods, Designer Series
Valet Rods, Insert Series
Valet Rods, Insert Series
Spiral Clothes Rack, SHR Series
Spiral Clothes Rack
Valet Rods, Designer Series
Valet Rods
Pant/Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks, TBC Series
Pant/Belt/Scarf Racks
Pant/Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks, PSC Series
Pant/Belt/Scarf Racks
Pant/Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks, CWTR Series
Pant/Belt/Scarf Racks
Pant/Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks, CWPTR Series
Pant/Belt/Scarf Racks
Mounting Bracket for Hafele Shoe Rails, Black Plastic
Mounting Bracket for Shoe Rails
Valet Rods, Standard Series
Valet Rods
Hafele Oval Wardrobe Rails with Supports
Oval Wardrobe Rails
Brass Garment Hook
Brass Garment Hook