Free Bookcase Plans

These free bookcase plans will make a classic piece of furniture that will dress up any home. Bookcase plans available for purchase are shown on the right side and bottom of the page. Save money building over buying!

Magazine Rack or Bookshelf
Build a 5 shelf magazine rack or bookshelf.

Low plans

Low Bookcase

Deluxe Bookcase
The perfect bookcase if you want something short in height. It's also easy to build.

Boat Bookcase
The name says it all. Free bookcase plans for a great bookcase in the shape of a boat.

How to build a bookcase
In need of a bookcase? Check out these instructions to build one yourself.

Revolving Bookcase
For a different take on the standard bookcase, try building this revolving bookcase. It is also very affordable.
Knock-Down Plan

Bookcase Plan

Knockdown Bookcase
This bookcase is easy to make and very practical. You can easily dismantle and reassemble it when necessary.

Ace Bookcase
A very unique wall hanging bookcase. This will be the focal point of any room.

Traditional Bookcase
A small simple bookcase. An easy project if you are in need of a place for your books.

Tall Bookcase
This is a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with many different shelves and compartments. With the right tools this bookshelf can be easy to build.

Trapezoidal Bookcase
A bookshelf whose shelves start small at the top and get larger as you go down. It is also simple to make.

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